public service announcement # 2

Homegirls, are you and the homies black gentrifiers? The answer may be “yes” if you answer “truuuuu” to any of the following. The black gentrifiers love brunch boots, black girl magic, eventbrite, and college. You might be a gentrifier if you’ve ever worn a turtle neck to a house party, if you’ve been in GroupMes with more than 200 people, if you’ve ever spent $40 on steak and eggs, if when asked what your favorite book is you say “The Alchemist” or “The Four Agreements”. If you regularly ask strangers what college they went to. if you’ve ever meal prepped with quinoa.  if you have two or more roommates and pay at least $1000/month each to split an apartment with no windows in the living room, if you’ve coordinated group travel fits for a trip you bought on a flight deal. If you’ve ever worn a dashiki on fourth of july. 2018 is near. Know ya self. Ya homegirl explains it all.

ivana renee